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Tin Sharps Collection Container

Tin Sharps Collection Container

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Disposable tin container designed for the collection of sharps waste. Made of durable, puncture-proof tin. Can be wall mounted or used on countertop. This product is available in cases of 20 containers.

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Product Information

What are the containers made of?

The containers are primarily made of tin and heavy duty plastics.

Are these containers approved and compliant?

OnSite's tin containers are fully compliant with all federal, state, and local regulations.

How big are the containers?

The tin containers hold 4 Quarts or 1 Gallon and are similar to the common plastic containers.

Are tin containers reusable?

Tin containers are NOT reusable and are single-use, just like the common plastic containers.

Built for safety. Designed for your current workflow.

Compatible with the TE-5000 and standard wall mounts.