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Sharps Mail-back Kit

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Mail-back kits are a simple solution for organizations generating medical waste. This collection and treatment kit includes:
  • Container for the collection of medical waste
  • A compliant mailing box for returning waste through UPS to our treatment facility
  • A pre-paid return label
  • A manifest for proof of treatment that will be signed and returned after destruction
*Prices may vary based on market fluctuation.
  • Step 1

    Automatically recieve your collection containers in the mail. You'll also recieve a compliant return box as well as a return label.

  • Step 2

    Collect your medical waste just as you do today.

  • Step 3

    Simply mail back your medical waste once your containers are full with the pre-paid return label and the compliant shipping box.

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Eliminate your reliance on hauling and storage

Medical waste hauling can be expensive. Storage rooms take up precious space. With a mail-back program, practices can eliminate their reliance on hauling and storage by mailing back their medical waste immediately.

Take control of your medical waste workflow

Stop waiting weeks for your medical waste to get treated. Take complete control of your workflow and simply mail back your medical waste securely and compliantly.